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All enrolled students are offered a well-rounded program of instruction with training in theory, musicianship, ear training, technique, and music history. A private lesson is the core of the instruction. Lessons will primarily focus on repertoire, with  other study topics added as necessary. The age and level of the student will determine the length of the lesson, which will increase as the student progresses. Lessons are scheduled once or twice a week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.



Payments are made on the first lesson of each month.
30-minute  in my home based studio: $45 per lesson
45-minute  in my home based studio: $60 per lesson

Family and siblings discounts are given.



Missed lessons are damaging to the student's progress, and deprive me of  income. Unless you suddenly fall ill, or there is a weather or another emergency, please make cancellations at least on a 24 hour notice, in which case I will give you full credit or reschedule the lesson.


Annual Recital

At the end of each school year, all students have an opportunity to perform in a formal public recital at a professional concert space. Recitals give students an opportunity to display their skills, and feel the excitement of a live performance. Family and friends are invited to share this experience!
An administrative and registration fee of $20 will be charged to cover the space rent.


To ensure steady progress, I expect every student to practice for at least 15 minutes every day. As students progress, the practice time needs to increase. Students under the age of eight require daily adult supervision to help them practice.

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